360 VR 4k Video Production


6 Camera array in one body connected to create stunning 360 degree video in 4k resolution. Lower resolution setting can be used depending on your requirements.

A very high spec computer and software then used to stitch together, sync sounds and create your video which can then be supplied direct or uploaded to Youtube to view.

How do you watch

You can view 360 video on your laptop, desktop using your mouse to drag the screen to look around.

Or view on a tablet or phone that you can move around your boby to look at every angle. Using your phone with VR Goggle is the ultimate immersive way to view content and feel like you are right there.

Commercial Applications

Have a building project with a client that wants to see progress but is to far away for regular visits?

360 Video is the key. We record and upload then supply link for you to sedn to your client.

360 Events

Party, show, concert, play, sports and more. Contact us with any ideas of what you would like covered.

360 Business

Show of your product or property with 360 VR Video.

360 Weddings

360 VR Video content running along side HD Video gives you both the memories of standing right there and being able to see all the great reactions of your guests.